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Feel the word and melt upon it

They take my voice and they feed my eyes

Katarsis Glacé
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Welcome to Katarsis Glacé; this is a literature community with an aspiration to review and recommend books that have some kind of a connection with a Scottish band called Franz Ferdinand. Their intellectual lyrics with intertextual references also encourage us fans to look for new reading experiences and broaden our literary horizons.

What we expect from reviewed books, be they prose or poetry, is that they have the so called "Franz aura": they can be books recommended by the band members, they are thematically close to the song lyrics or they handle subjects that could be related to the band and the subculture it has sparked. (By subculture we mean fanfiction, but we are not a gay erotica book club -- what counts is the atmosphere of the book.) Also the culinary columns written by Alex Kapranos, the vocalist and main lyricist of the band, offer an example of the Franz aura; the ambience of his texts is, at times, almost sinister and menacing, despite the subject being something as simple as food.

However, don't be scared if you're not sure whether the books of your choice have this mysterious Franz aura around them or not: basically, we believe that people who share the same taste in music might also be into same kind of literature.

A few simple guidelines:

1. Stay in the context. No spamming and so on.
2. Arguing is forbidden, debating welcomed.
3. Naturally, the grammar is your best friend.

Feel free to make an introductory post as you join; it isn't necessary, though. Write what you want, or use this little template:

- Name (plus other personal info, if you want to tell it)
- What is Franz Ferdinand for you?
- Favourite authors and/or literary tendencies
- A book you think everyone should read

This place isn't elitist or nitpicky -- we're just people who want to read good books and get others to read them, too. Join in!