Fickle (agarina) wrote in katarsisglace,

Something that crossed my mind last night

Yesterday my 11-year-old niece wanted to know about the book I was reading. She had seen The Master & Margarita on the table and the illustration of the cover [the black cat] caught her attention. I told her about the storyline and the characters, and finally she asked if I could lend her a Finnish copy of the book.

That's what makes me slightly uneasy now. I was ten when I got to know the book because of the exciting name of it [Satan appears in Moscow, by the way], sort of read some parts of it, but it wasn't until my 12th year that I completed reading it. I know my niece is very mature and has already read Tolstoy and Wilde [she regularly rakes through my bookshelves], and I think she probably could handle the story - 11-year-old kids have a different point of view than someone in her twenties or thirties, at times that is a true blessing - but I can't help wondering if many people would have been, um, less on the verge if they hadn't engaged themselves with highbrow literature so early.

Do you think there should be age limits in literature as well as in movies? Or even in all but name?
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